Sunday, September 10, 2006

100 things I never thought I'd want to share !

  1. I love the color red.
  2. I have had 8 surgeries.
  3. My middle name is Aisha.
  4. I moved to a whole other state, chasing what I thought was true love....WRONG!
  5. I used to recycle stamps in college.
  6. I hate the Mentos commercial, where the flamingos fly.... It creeps me out!
  7. I'm a sucker for reality shows.
  8. I love sniffing my son's toes!
  9. I secretly like when my dad pulls the hairs on my forearm... but don't tell him!
  10. I met and danced with Tupac before he blew up.
  11. I was among a select few,really good non-certified teachers in Philadelphia.
  12. I am afraid of spiders!
  13. I have a pet rabbit, Sepia.
  14. I am really proud of my fire fighting husband!
  15. I think I'm handling motherhood.
  16. I am great friends with my mother( took about 30 yrs).
  17. I actually like to clean!
  18. It's free therapy.
  19. I was involved with a guy who had a fiance.
  20. I was writing a book until my computer crashed.
  21. It was hot!
  22. I would love to write children's books.
  23. Ryan's job scares the hell out of me!
  24. I have never missed an episode of 90210.
  25. I used to think the following: I was on Sesame Street in the 70's, MLK Jr. was related to me because our b-day's were in January, Muhammad Ali was related as well... just cuz.
  26. I luv french fries.
  27. Coca-Cola is my vice!
  28. I have a kidney disease(PKD).
  29. I have had kidney stones removed surgically.
  30. I suck at math!
  31. I hate to fail!
  32. I have only been in 4 fights.
  33. Celebrity paychecks make me sick!
  34. I am addicted to blogging and learning how to do more to my webpage.
  35. I won a copy of the DVD " Something New" from channel Fox 29.
  36. I've lost 13 lbs.
  37. I got chicken pox on purpose in the 5th Grade.
  38. I have a degree in Psychology and a Master's in elementary Education.
  39. I like blue ink instead of black.
  40. I like the challenge of SuDoku.
  41. I will clean my office... really I will!
  42. My paternal grandfather was one of Philadelphia first Black Milk delivery men.(Abbotts)
  43. I love taking photographs and developing them too.
  44. My grandfather taught me how.
  45. I want to have my own day care/school/after school/ gymnastics team.
  46. I competed in gymnastics(YMCA's)
  47. I tore my ACL's at 12 yrs old.
  48. I worked out with Pat Croce for PT.
  49. I suffer occasional PPD.
  50. I didn't go to my Senior Prom.
  51. I slept with my son's burp cloth when we were in the hospital and he was in NICU.
  52. I slept with it well after we were home.
  53. I still have it ... no longer sleeping with it.
  54. I still haven't been on a honeymoon!
  55. I hated my wedding flowers.
  56. Who knew I could come up with 56 things.
  57. I hate to be hot for no good reason.
  58. A chick pea is neither a chick or a pea!
  59. I survived a 9 day detox!
  60. I have seen every Madea play!
  61. I am nervous about going back to work.
  62. I am a packrat!
  63. I am a control freak!
  64. Sometimes I talk to fast.
  65. I still have all my teeth.
  66. I have worn a weave 3 times.
  67. I love The Electric Company.
  68. I like Hooters wings. They don't have nuttin' on these hooters!TMI
  69. I don't like poopie diapers.
  70. I'm not looking forward to potty training.
  71. I do not like Barney!
  72. Love The Backyardigans.
  73. Love Sesame Street.
  74. I carry the G6PD gene.
  75. I didn't take a formal Lamaze Class.
  76. I had a c-section.
  77. I have never been suspended/expelled from school.
  78. My childhood crush was tragically killed.
  79. I found a lump in my breast. ( had it removed and there was NO cancer).
  80. I have a collection of stuffed bunny rabbits.
  81. I bought an AB Flex ....and I use it.
  82. It will kick your butt!
  83. I have seen someone jump in front of an EL train.
  84. I have seen crack being made and packaged for sale.
  85. I knew a guy who sold crack to his own mother.
  86. I love three guys currently... Daddy, Ryan and Miles
  87. I have eaten someone else's Fruit of the Month by Charles and David.
  88. I like to belch! LOUDLY!
  89. I hate to throw up!
  90. 10 to go!
  91. I love Cosmo's!
  92. I don't like squid.
  93. I love King Crab legs.
  94. Cheesecake rules!
  95. I use the Shick Intuition.
  96. I love working with children!
  97. Only a few people know where my birthmark is! :)
  98. I love power tools!
  99. I get a kick out of going to Home Improvement Stores!
  100. I'm done my list!


Anonymous said...

Great list.
I won't get you mad, you'll kick my ass...
I love alot of those things too, like Electric Comapny and Sesame Street.

"The Booga Wooga" said...


Project "lowering the mattress/bed" for The Booga is complete. Thanks so much for looking out. As soon as I finished, I came to check out your new web page. It is really, really nice! You go girl!!! The web-site that I got the calendar from is Unfortunately, I checked the site (just to make sure I had the address right before giving it to you) and they have updated it. The calendar was no where to be found. However, I am going to try something...I am going to go into my template and copy the HTML code into an email and send it to you. See if you can paste it into your template. I should warn you that the code is long. Check your email after you read this comment.


chelle said...

That is one heck of a list!
I am one of those that likes to clean (as therapy!) I do not admit it often :D

Lindsay said...

i LOVE your list!
I had a c-section also... hate those memories, I just pray my momnesia will make them go away one day!