Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Get the Lead Out!!!

As Christmas and Miles' Birthday gets closer and closer, I am racking my brain trying to find toys that are lead and chemical free. All of you bloggy moms are super "with it" and I thought that I would address this issue. I am sure that you may have been on a mad dash to find some toys that are safe for our precious kiddos! Well I have been checking just about every toy in Target and a great deal of them are from CHINA! No surprise there!

Well I have checked the recall list of lead items and so far we were in the clear. My biggest fear is that we will receive many gifts that may contain lead. I have also read that, its not only toys that may be contaminated. But how do we know? Well for starters opt not to buy things that are made in CHINA. I wanted to get Miles some Christmas/Winter dishes w/ Santa or penguins on them and I checked .... yup from CHINA! I found them at CVS and Target. I will keep updating this list and if you have found any new info email me or post a comment and I will add it to the blog and pass it on as well!

Here is what I found,

Here are some websites:







tAnYeTTa said...

I am going to give DJ his very own Tupperware for toys and Wooden Spoons as Drum Sticks. The toy recalls scare me!

chelle said...

We buy a lot of hand made by WAHM's, I knit some toys, wooden toys like Haba and Alex, Brio for trains.

We only had two items from the recalls (both last minute purchases) and I tell you it freaks you out. I have been told Consumer Reports has an even more intensive list.