Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Today's High's

The cool things that Miles has done today!

1. Ryan squeezed Cookie Monster's tummy and Mile's said," Oooohh hohohoh. The way Cookie does!

2. He put his tiger sunvisor on me then kissesd him repeatedly!

3. Does downward facing dog all day!

4. Feeds me pretzels.

5. Made me clap my hands on his cheeks. ( he really likes it!)

6. Made each other crack up!

7. Called me Mama.

8. Tried to put his sandals on!

9. Got super-excited to see the "honkers" on Sesame Street!

10. Splashed at his water table.

11. Had quality time w/ daddy!

12. Snuggled with me on the couch.

13. Gone to sleep!


chelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

~JJ! said...

He's getting so big...What wonderful accomplishments.!!!