Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Well I must warn you that this post contains words like poo, pee, stinkie and if you have serious issues about bodily functions please leave now!

Now that I've gotten that taken care of, I have been really thinking about trying Miles out on his new potty. The potty has had no real purpose but to take the cushy seat part and chew on it. *yuck!* I figured that I would begin this process on Monday and well Monday has come and gone. Today we were out most of the day and I figured that if I was gonna do anything that I would need to do it soon because Miles was going to bed in 2.5 hrs. After I gave him his dinner he was enjoying a nightcap of watered down cran apple juice. So here is what happened:

Me: Hey buddy are you going to pee-pee in your potty
Miles: Slurp ahhh!

*yesterday we bought Elmo's Potty Time as recommended By Jon and Lara, thanx.

Me: Elmo went to the Potty!
Miles: Slurp slurp aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Me: Let's try.

Well I take him out of his highchair and take off his diaper and place him on the potty. I told him that he had to sit on the potty and makes sure that his penis was tucked in. Yes people I use correct terminology! So we sit and sit and I didn't hear any pee-pee, but I was slapped in the face with king of stinkie's! Oh crap! ( no pun intended, screw that it's intended!) I am going crazy inside because my boy just poopied in the potty! No pee-pee. WARNING, It was massive!
The genius that I am I didn't put any water in the pot beforehand so I was tapping and banging on the toilet to get it out! Yuck!

But Hooray! The first time he was a champ! Oh I am so proud But I didn't go to crazy, cuz my kid is smart and if you make abig deal about some new accomplishment, you won't see it again for months. So begins the journey of potty training. My goal is that he goes into this with no pressure from me! Wish me luck!

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chelle said...

It is not all that bad ... it happens just when you think it never will!