Saturday, January 09, 2010


I have been away and completely addicted to Facebook! I'm not sure who still reads this blog anymore but I will continue the best I can to keep updating it! Since October( my last post) things have been goin quite well! Miles is now reading books. He also is doing quite well at Easter Seals ( attends 3x a week). His teachers and thereapists are really pleased with his progress and so are we for that matter!

Miles turned 4 years old on December 28, 2009 and we actually had a party for him. He had the time of his life! We had it at the Bounce . We had the whole place to ourselves and man did the kids have a ball! I was great to see his cousin Maddie who we haven't seen since her baby shower! Both of his gradmothers were there and his cousins too!

Miles got roller skates for his Birthday, and he calls them roller skapes! he wears them around the house just waiting for it to warm up a bit! He still love music and has a passion for all kinds of numbers and letters, especially Japanese! He loves to sing and got a kiddie MP3 loaded with nursery songs. He still has all of his food allergies but is not allergic to cats and dogs!

He makes up stories just to hear himself say "once upon a time"!

We are preparing to go to Hawaii in April and Miles will be staying with his grandparents. Oh what fun we all will have I will be sure to post before then but for now blog family I do not feel well and I am gonna rest for now! Love Ya!


"The Booga Wooga" said...

Hi Cousin Melanie,

Just wanted to let you know that me and Grammy still look over here for updates about Miles so, keep 'em comin' when you can. Since I don't live with Grammy anymore, we don't get to post as much as we used to either. We like Facebook, but we're still die-hard Bloggers too. (smile)!

"The Booga Wooga" said...

P.S. Tell my cousin that those skates look like a lot of fun!

Lady (Bug) said...

The plans for Hawaii in April sounds exciting. I imagine that you and Ryan are counting down the days until it's time to go. Happy New Year!

Arlene said...

Hey Mommy and MilesE,
I'm so glad you came back to this blog!! I like to read other people's family "stuff." I love looking at "happy face" baby pictures. Love you guys!