Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I would like to apologize to all of the people who read the blog. I took a page from a fellow blogging mommy and wanted a more secure site. I have a lot of pictures of Miles and I didn't want them to fall into the wrong hands. I tried to invite the people I whose email I knew, please it was nothing personal.

On to other news : My Birthday is on Friday and I will be turning 35! Yup I said it ! I am really OK with it. Miles' Birthday was last Friday and had a great time! Guess what kind of cake we had? Give Up? A Rice Krispie Treat Cake made by Grandma Arlene. Yum-o! Do you remember last year I blogged about going to Family Dinner and Miles had his meltdown? Well this year he was a different kid. Talk about being a big boy! He wasn't phased or cry once! He was so grown up! He played with his cousins and adults, he also ate chicken with the best of them! It was great! Here are some pics of the event.

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~JJ! said...

Oh man, I rice crispy treat cake! Heaven!

So happy you are enjoying the special days!!!

Happy Birthday to you and Miles!!!