Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Our First Day!

Today was Miles' first day at Day Care! Yes you heard it here first folks! Many of you thought that I would be heading to the Senior Center with Miles on my hip.:) He is at the Center where I work . So I can keep an eye on him.

Set the Scene:

This morning at 5am he woke up voluntarily and stayed up until I got him at 6am. I got him dressed and ready. He was yapping my ear off about something and would not stop. AS we approached the stairs as we do everyday, this day was different. At the top of the stairs he said his word for 1=ee-ya and the counted the steps up to 13(tir-tee). The numbers 3,5,6,8,9,10 are really clear and the rest are choppy. Anyhoo, he ate some of his cereal and milk and banana. When we got to the Day Care he was ok. He pretty much ran into his classroom and saw the toys. Then the teachers kicked me out and told me to check on him a little later. I was coming unglued internally. Miles got attached to a woman whose child I taught in the first grade and would not leave her side. She happens to work in the classroom across from his room.

I came back at lunch and he didn't even acknowledge me when I spoke to him. He was busy eating his apples , the apples of the girl next to him and sitting in his chair. I was so amazed ! WOW! Then I left when the getting was good. When I checked on him again he was taking a nap on a cot.

Ryan came to pick him up at 5pm and the day was done! Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

When I came home My Husband had cleaned the LR, DR,KIT and the our BR. I know! Here's more! HE COOKED DINNER AND CLEANED UP !

Stay Tuned!


~JJ! said...

Wow...That is a great first day!!

Yay you.

I'm sorry you don't like your job...

Anonymous said...

Hah! The Daddy cleaned up because of all the nervous energy generated when a child goes off to school and the house is quiet and empty. Soon the novelty will wear off. Enjoy it while you can. I'm glad Miles has adjusted to being away from you guys while you work. I was concerned about our sweetie crying for his Mommy and Daddy. Bless the Lord he has adjusted so well.
Love you!!

chelle said...

So glad the first day was stress free!

tAnYeTTa said...

Look at Miles!! Big boy doing his thing in Day Care! Kudos to daddy for hooking it up in the house and the kitchen. Sorry to hear about the job. Give it a chance, let's see how it all pans out. ;)

Yazzie said...

Wow, I am sitting here reading your blog. I know I have not been here in a while. I am trying to get adjusted to having both of my babies in school. It will take some time for Miles to get adjusted. You might have to lay off the visits for a while until he gets attached to his teacher. Take it from a daycare pro.

Luv Ya!